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How we handle your claim

This information applies to our Highway Choice Private Car comprehensive customers (not including windscreen claims)

Handling your motor claim

We will:

  • get an agent to take the insured car to the nearest recommended repairer or another safe place if you can't drive it
  • refer you to a recommended repairer. You can take the car to them or they'll collect it and return it to you after an estimate has been prepared
  • send the car to a recommended repairer, or another repairer of your choice, if we disagree with the estimate for repairing it provided by a non-approved repairer
  • treat the insured car as stolen if it hasn't been recovered within 30 working days after you reported the theft to us. It must still be missing when we pay your claim
  • deal with the claim in any way we think appropriate
  • take over, defend or settle any claims in your name, or that of any other person insured
  • take action (which we'll pay for) in your name, or that of any other person insured, to get back any money we've paid

You must:

  • call us as soon as you can to report the incident (ideally within 24 hours where possible).
  • tell us even if you're not at fault or not going to make a claim so that we can protect your interests from any claim made against you
  • send us, unanswered, every letter you receive about a claim as soon as possible
  • tell us as soon as you know about any prosecution, coroner's inquest or fatal accident injury
  • not admit liability or negotiate a settlement without our written permission
  • Get our permission before ordering any new part or accessory, and before paying for any transport outside the United Kingdom
  • tell us straight away if the insured vehicle is stolen and you later get it back or discover where it is
  • send us the certificate of motor insurance, the vehicle registration document and department of transport test (MOT) certificate if the insured vehicle needs one, keys and any other documents we ask for before we pay your claim
  • give any information, help and co-operation we need, including going to court if necessary

Paying your motor claim

We will:

  • pay the reasonable cost of protecting the insured car
  • pay for the insured car to be brought back to the address shown on the Schedule (we won't pay the cost of any transport outside the United Kingdom unless we agree to do so first)
  • Pay to repair the damage, we may decide to use suitable parts or accessories which are not supplied by the original manufacturer
  • pay to replace the lost or damaged car or item; or pay one of the following, whichever is the lesser amount:
  • The market value of the vehicle less the excess just before the loss or damage happened.
  • The cost of repairing your vehicle less the excess.
  • Pay the cost shown in the manufacturer's price list and the reasonable cost of fitting if any lost or damaged part or accessory is no longer available.
  • Not pay the whole cost of any repair or replacement that leaves the vehicle in a better condition than before the loss or damage (you will pay part of the cost of the repair or replacement.)
  • Not refund any premium if the insured car is written off or there is any claim. Once you accept our offer or we have paid the claim (or both) the insured car becomes our property.
  • Settle the claim to the legal owner if the insured car is part of a hire-purchase or leasing agreement, or belongs to someone else.

You must:

  • pay any excess direct to the repairer when you collect your vehicle
  • pay the VAT direct to the repairer when you collect your vehicle if you are registered for VAT

Need to check on a claim?

New claims
0800 028 9655

New claims lines open:
24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Existing claims
0800 028 9822

Existing claims lines open:
Monday to Friday, 9am - 5:30pm

Calls may be recorded

Highway Insurance, PO 9104, Bournemouth, BH1 9DB